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2010-2013 64mm 6.7L Turbo Kit

2010-2013 64mm 6.7L Turbo Kit

$ 2,499.00

This is the Late 6.7L Silver Bullet 64 install kit. (2010-2013 Cummins)

This kit is designed by Industrial Injection as the best single turbo upgrade for the 6.7L cummins diesel truck. We have tested all different size turbos and believe this setup will get you the best results. We have seen a 250 degree drop in EGT's and a gain of 4 mpg's with this turbo. This kit is an option when you have over powered your stock turbo and it is not keeping up with the extra fuel demands. Note: you will need a free flowing exhaust and a programmer with Aggressive turbo tuning to run this setup. 
This kit includes:
-Silver Bullet 64 Turbocharger (64/74/80 turbo wheel dimensions) 64 is compressor wheel size, 74 is exhaust wheel size, & .80 A/R is the housing size.
-3rd Gen style exhaust manifold
-Two water pipe plugs to block off water ports used with stock turbo
-New Oil Drain line 

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