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Misery Racing Fan Page


              Misery started as 2003 GMC who was a regular old 240,000-mile hot shot delivery truck purchased out of Fort Worth, Texas. For a little cash and of course some new parts for the original owners 2002 Ford Excursion. Jerimiah drove Misery 325+ miles to its new home in Pampa, Texas. After six weeks we had a truck that ran a 10.3 Second ¼ Mile after the third pass. Of course there was definitely a lot of help in that shot six-week period including Tuning by the Infamous Idaho Rob Coddeas from ATP Trucks, Engine Builder and basic project manager Bryan Vilaubi, Welder and Fabricator Michael Dickenson and of course Justin Murrell and my son Tyler Montgomery. ATS Diesel was also more than influential and helpful with parts, Ideas, Dyno Time and Sponsoring a truck that won Sanctioned events from literally coast to coast not to mention the ultimate competition the 2014 NHRDA Superstreet World Finals Championship A few Quick Facts.

HP-1400+ Fuel Only

Engine- Everything cool, picked and built by Bryan Vilaubi

Weight-6200 +/- 50Lbs if Driven by Jermiah or Tyler Montgomery

Boost- 100+

Fastest current ETA 10.01 @145.13 MPH in Billings MT.

Transmission- ATS built 5 Speed Allison (2nd one in over 130 Passes)

Current Tuning – PPEI- Kory Willis